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Why Even Small Businesses Should Hire a Philadelphia Business Law Attorney

Philadelphia Business Law Attorney Does your business need a lawyer? Some small business owners may believe that lawyers are only for big companies or lawsuits. Though facing a pending lawsuit is definitely a time that a company would want a lawyer, small businesses have many other circumstances in which legal advice would be helpful. Any business in the area, even a small one, can benefit greatly from hiring a Philadelphia business law attorney.

Broadly speaking, hiring a lawyer accomplishes two things:  You acquire specialized knowledge and expertise for your legal matters, and you will be able to develop a rapport with an attorney. Being able to count on a lawyer with whom you are familiar is a great benefit when legal matters come up. Overall, you will find yourself glad to be prepared as your business grows.

Four Reasons Why Small Operations Need a Philadelphia Business Law Attorney

1 – Protection against lawsuits

A good lawyer does more than represent you in court – he/she is sometimes able to help prevent the need to appear in court at all.  Lawsuits are rarely launched against a business without some warning or attempts at out-of-court reconciliation.  Having a lawyer in your camp improves the chances that such reconciliation can occur without a court filing.

2 – Drafting contracts

Drafting even simple contracts without legal consultation could be unwise.  You want a lawyer to go over the terms, to ensure that they are legal and enforceable.  A lawyer will also know precedents which might affect interpretations of the contract, should anything end up in court.

3 – Legal compliance

Even small businesses are bound by a large body of law, and relatively few business owners know all their legal liabilities offhand.  In this case, a lawyer becomes a form of insurance policy.  They can look at your business and let you know what regulations affect you, to ensure you remain in adherence to the law.

4 – Overseeing major purchases or sales

The larger the transaction, the more you should want a lawyer looking over the deal.  Particularly in cases where a person is buying or selling an entire business, lawyers are a necessity to guarantee all legal requirements and filings are properly fulfilled.  A lawyer can also offer substantial guidance on how a sale or acquisition will affect you going forward.

Small Businesses Can Get A Reliable Philadelphia Business Law Attorney

Alfred Abel Law Offices is available to help small businesses in the Philadelphia area. If you have questions or need advice from an experienced business law attorney, contact us for a consultation today.