Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Car Accident?

Car Accident Personal Injury LawyersIf you have been involved in a car accident and you believe the other driver to be at fault, always remember to seek out car accident personal injury lawyers, such as those at Alfred Abel Law Offices, as quickly as possible.  Acting fast could make the difference in whether you receive the compensation you deserve.

What to do if you are in a car accident

What you do immediately after the accident can have a huge impact on your legal rights and obligations going forward.

  1. Never take any direct action against the other driver(s).
  2. Collect contact information from any witness.
  3. Collect insurance information from the other driver(s), and then contact both their insurance company and your own.
  4. Document any damage or injuries with photographic evidence.
  5. When or if you are in any pain, go to the doctor.  Failure to do so may be used as evidence that you were uninjured.
  6. Contact experienced car accident personal injury lawyers.

When to call a personal injury lawyer for a car accident

  • You have suffered a personal injury.
  • Your vehicle has had significant damage.
  • Liability in the crash is disputed.
  • The other driver is threatening to sue.
  • The other driver refuses to pay your bills.

In the best case, your accident resolves amicably, however, having a personal injury lawyer on your side can help, especially when negotiation or litigation is required.

How to document your claim in a car accident

The most important documentation you can provide will include:

  • Your own sworn testimony.
  • Pictures of damage and/or injury taken after the crash.
  • Eye-witness testimony.
  • The police report.
  • Any insurance claim reports.

Having this documentation will make it far easier for your personal injury attorney in Philadelphia to examine your case and fight for your compensation.

Alfred Abel Law Offices Can Help

When have been involved in a vehicle accident please contact Alfred Abel Law Offices for a consultation on your situation.