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Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Series: Part 3 – Bus Accidents

Public transportation, and especially buses, are crucial modes of transport for millions of people every day. Buses are the cheapest and easiest way that cities can offer public transportation. Unfortunately, buses can be prone to accidents like any other vehicle. A car accident personal injury lawyer from Alfred Abel Law Offices discusses the inherent risks to riding buses, and how unwary victims often suffer severe injuries.

Parameters of Bus Accidents

Buses are, relatively, safer than passenger cars. Buses are involved in fewer accidents, and thus fewer people are killed or injured in accidents with buses. Furthermore, buses are substantially larger than most vehicles on the road and are designed to be much stronger.

The injuries related to a bus accident run the gamut from minor bruising and concussions to broken bones, severe trauma, or even death. Due to the nature of how buses are designed for convenience and safety, victims also suffer different injuries. In a mass transit accident involving a bus, many passengers may be injured, therefore, sorting out compensation, victims, injuries, and responsible parties is far more complex than in passenger vehicle accidents. In these situations, many people turn to a car accident personal injury lawyer to defend their rights and press their claims.

Safety Concerns

Buses have relatively stayed the same over the years. Most buses have no seatbelts or airbags for passengers. Additionally, buses are prone to rollover accidents far more frequently than passenger cars. These safety concerns significantly increase the likelihood of severe injuries in the event of a bus accident.

Litigation Issues

People rely on car accident personal injury lawyers because suing over bus accidents is complicated. Most buses are government-owned, so you must comply and operate within the rules set by the government, which is far more complicated than the rules in the private sector. For instance, in a typical personal injury situation, you may negotiate a settlement with the insurer, however, if the bus driver is determined to be at fault, your claim could be more complex.

If your claim is denied, a car accident personal injury lawyer can assist you by filing a notice of claim with the government. The notice of claim tells the government three things:

  1. That a claim is being made against a public body or person;
  2. A description of the incident; and
  3. The name and address of the person making a claim.

You must notify the government of a claim quickly. Though in Pennsylvania the statute of limitations is two years for private party claims, the time limit for claims against the government is only six months.

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