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Need to Hire A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Philadelphia? Summer Is A Good Time

Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in PhiladelphiaAs with most things in life, timing matters if you need to file for bankruptcy.  While no legal restrictions exist on when you can file, you will find many reasons why hiring a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Philadelphia during the summer makes more sense.  The process can be easier for you, and for them.

Four Reasons Why Summer Is A Good Time to Hire A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Philadelphia

1 – Avoid the tax rush

Simply put, you will have a very hard time hiring any sort of financial professional in the months leading up to and immediately following tax season.  Most accountants and bankruptcy lawyers in Philadelphia are booked solid at this time, as well as the courts and any government agencies that deal with money. Part of the reason that tax season is busy for bankruptcy lawyers is that people want to use their tax refunds to pay for their attorney fees.  Also, you will need your most current tax returns for the bankruptcy case, so filing after you have done them is good timing.

2 – Your bankruptcy attorney can focus more time on you case

Fall is also a busy bankruptcy season because a lot of people want to get their financial problems wrapped up before the end of the year.  So, fall and early spring are both busy times for bankruptcy attorneys and courts. In summer, your attorney will likely have a little more time, so he/she can focus on the details of your case. This aspect, along with a less heavily filled docket, could allow a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to be completed more quickly.

3 – Summer gives you more time to focus

For some, summer is a “down time” with fewer mandatory activities taking place.  The kids may be out of school, or you may even have some vacation time you are cashing in.  Summer can be a much more convenient time for you to file for bankruptcy; with fewer other obligations keeping you busy, you will have time to focus on getting paperwork done and meeting with your attorney or attending court dates if necessary.  Things will definitely go more smoothly if you have plenty of time to devote to the process.

4 – You can get your financial situation sorted before the end of the year

People who wait until fall to file for bankruptcy may end up seeing their case stretch into the holiday or the next year.  In general, a typical chapter 7 bankruptcy case will take around 4 months to complete but could take longer.  Beginning the process in the summer makes your bankruptcy much more likely to be wrapped up before the holidays. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case especially, you can enjoy a peaceful season as your overwhelming debt worries will be over.

Alfred Abel Law Offices Offers Experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Guidance All Year

The circumstances of your personal debt may allow no leeway in when you file for bankruptcy. Summer may be a good time to file, but we Alfred Abel is here when YOU need bankruptcy help. At Alfred Abel Law Offices, we provide skilled representation in personal Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases as well as business Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.