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Alfred Abel Law Offices represents creditors throughout Pennsylvania in bankruptcy proceedings. When a company files for bankruptcy, its creditors must be proactive in protecting their rights and maximizing the potential of any recovery.  We help your company understand its full range of options.

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In our experience, representing creditors in bankruptcy requires a high level of diligence and skill at locating assets. It is not unheard of for debtors to conceal or fraudulently transfer assets. Debtors may conduct transactions even when they know they are insolvent and that bankruptcy is imminent. Business owners may illicitly transfer assets to relatives or friends prior to filing for bankruptcy. Our law firm is adept at investigating the circumstances behind potentially fraudulent transactions. We can protect your rights at every stage of bankruptcy litigation. Depending on your situation, we can:

  • File proofs of claim and litigate objections to proofs of claim
  • Work to obtain relief from the automatic stay
  • Object to inadequate repayment plans and negotiate lump sum settlements
  • Sell the debt to others
  • Represent guarantors of the debt
  • Identify and recover preferences and hidden assets
  • Resolve leases and other contracts

It is also true that in certain situations, there may not be much that can be done to obtain a recovery. For instance, if you are an unsecured creditor and a debtor filed for Chapter 7 relief, your business may not have many options. At Alfred Abel Law Offices, we pride ourselves on offering candid advice about your situation. We will not advise you to go to great lengths to collect a debt if we believe our efforts are likely to be futile.

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Alfred Abel Law Offices has experience representing creditors in bankruptcy and debt collection We also help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.