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Collaboration Between Law Firms

Bankruptcy Attorney Collaboration | Alfred Abel Law Offices

Collaboration is becoming more important in today’s law firms. The complex nature of legal work requires professionals to combine their specialized expertise to serve their clients successfully.

Why Collaborate with Peers?

Data shows that when lawyers do work across specialties, clients are more loyal. While collaboration may seem to entail risks and potential coordination costs, these challenges can be mitigated by implementing appropriate measures. Lawyers who develop their own collaboration capabilities and networks are likely to reap both intellectual and financial benefits. Lawyers who outsource cases outside their practice areas to trusted peers can give their full attention to the cases they are handling and rest easy with the knowledge that they have left their other clients in very experienced and capable hands. Today’s legal landscape is more global than ever, and often many players have roles in successfully handling any given case. Some of these players are not even lawyers. Collaborating with other attorneys is simply a part of that chain of work.

Lawyer Collaboration Benefits Clients

Utilizing another attorney’s specialized strengths provides value to the client, who reaps the benefits of having a specialist. These include less time spent on overcoming the learning curve of a different legal specialty through utilizing more people, and more efficient use of both the client’s and the lawyer’s time, allowing them to avoid unnecessary hours.

In addition, a client who has been referred by their lawyer of choice to another skilled lawyer for specialized practice area issues who is able to successfully handle their case, is likely to return to that lawyer of choice. Clients can be confident that if a case is outside the practice area of their lawyer, he/she will help them connect with the legal professional who can best help them.

Why Work with Alfred Abel Law Offices for Bankruptcy Cases?

Alfred Abel has 35 years of experience in all types of bankruptcy cases. Our firm has fought successfully for individuals and businesses who have filed for bankruptcy, creditors who are trying to collect debts, and companies who are trying to fight clawbacks of their hard-earned income.

Having a trusted peer to whom you can refer clients is an invaluable asset. Contact us today for a personal conversation to learn how we can help you handle bankruptcy cases, whether they are simple or complicated. We want to get to know you!

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