What Constitutes Serious Injury in Philadelphia Personal Injury Cases?

personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County, PA discusses what constitutes serious personal injury

When you go to a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia with a personal injury claim, one important question that will be raised is whether enough injury has occurred to justify a court case; is the injury a serious injury? A simple sprained wrist or a few bruises, for example, are usually insufficient for bringing a case to court. Most likely minor injuries would be insufficient to warrant filing a case.


What to Do If You Are Involved in an Auto Accident Out-of-State

More than 6 million vehicle accidents occur annually. Most only involve property damage, but around one third of those accidents involve personal injury. Being involved in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of where the accident happens, can be an unnerving situation. When you are on vacation or traveling and become involved in an auto accident out-of-state, the situation can be especially stressful since you are in unfamiliar surroundings. State laws generally impose legal obligations on everyone involved in an accident, therefore, knowing what to do and how to protect your interests, as well as contacting a local personal injury attorney, can save you from personal and financial hardships down the road.


Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia – Be Aware of the Most Common Summer Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia When you have suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, a qualified personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia can help you receive the compensation you deserve.  However, all things being equal, avoiding situations where personal injury could happen is best.  No jury prize can ever undo a permanent injury.

As personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia, we tend to see the same cases occur over and over during the summertime.  Keep yourself physically safe, and safe from liability, especially in these situations!


Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia Explains Pain and Suffering Damages

Philadelphia Accidents and Personal Injury LawyerWhen people have been in an accident and are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, they are understandably very concerned about what sort of compensation they can receive.  One issue that tends to come up a lot when people visit our offices is the matter of “pain and suffering.”  Most people know that those who have been injured by others can sometimes receive “pain and suffering” compensation, but how that process works is sometimes unclear.


Personal Injury Series: Slip and Fall Accidents Part 3 – Apartment Buildings and Landlord Liability

personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County, PASlip and fall accidents are some of the most common ways personal injuries occur and lead to numerous liability lawsuits every year.  When these accidents happen at apartment complexes or similar managed properties, landlords may ultimately be at fault.  However, establishing that fault can be difficult and requires meeting several burdens of proof.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident at an apartment building, a personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, may be able to help you.  In this third installment of our series on slip and fall accidents, we will look at those which occur at apartment buildings.


Personal Injury Lawyer Series: Slip and Fall Accidents Part 2 – Slippery Floor after a Storm or Spill In-Store

personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common forms of personal injury and, as a result, a frequent cause for personal injury lawsuits as well.  A highly qualified personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County from Alfred Abel Law Offices can help you understand your legal rights if you are involved in a slip-and-fall accident.


Personal Injury Lawyer Slip and Fall Injury Series: Part 1- Icy Sidewalks

Slip and Fall Injury - Personal Injury LawyerAlfred Abel Law offices introduces a new series by our personal injury lawyer explaining the issues surrounding various slip and fall injuries. Part one of the series discusses slips and falls on icy sidewalks. A slip on an icy sidewalk can happen easily, leaving you in physical therapy for injuries to your back, hips, or knees.  If a fall on an icy sidewalk results in an injury, certain legalities must be followed. Tort theory acts as a guideline to help determine if anyone is liable and if so, the degree of their liability. Before recovering any compensation for an injury sustained from a fall on an icy sidewalk, the responsible party and the level of responsibility must be determined. Contacting a personal injury lawyer from Alfred Abel Law Offices after such a fall is always recommended.