12 Ways to Avoid a Home Foreclosure


Worried about Foreclosure? The Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys at Alfred Abel Law Offices offer 12 tips for avoiding foreclosure. If you are behind on your payments and worried about foreclosure, consider which of these methods might help you.

In 2015, Montgomery County Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Committee registered 1558 foreclosure complaints. Many homeowners are unaware that they have some options for avoiding foreclosure. Relief could be as simple as refinancing, especially if homeowners have managed to keep up with payments. Other avenues of relief include selling the home, either at a price equal to the mortgage debt or as part of an approved short sale; loan modifications; repayment plans or even reverse mortgages for homeowners over 62 years of age. Sometimes bankruptcy is the only way to stop a home foreclosure, and with 30 years of experience, Alfred Abel Law Offices can make the process easier.

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney Alfred Abel has helped hundreds of clients through difficult bankruptcy cases. Though bankruptcy can be complicated, filing bankruptcy can also bring relief from creditor harassment and worry over bills, as well as provide a fresh start, free of overwhelming debt. If you are worried about what will happen to your home after bankruptcy, talk with your bankruptcy lawyer. In most cases, you will be able to keep your home, and in many cases, you may be able to negotiate a more manageable payment plan.

Trust the knowledgeable and skilled Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys of Alfred Abel Law Offices to guide you through bankruptcy. For more information, call 215-517-8300 or visit www.AlfredAbelLaw.com today!


Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney – The Complexity of Texting and Driving Cases

Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney - texting while driving liabilityThe responsibility of texting and driving accidents has predominantly been on the driver. However, recent developments in Pennsylvania law look to expand the pool of people who are liable for resulting car accidents. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney can assist you in the event you have been in an accident, and help you understand your legal rights and options.


Bankruptcy Lawyer in Montgomery County – The Basics of Credit Counseling

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney helping filer with paperworkIf you are filing for bankruptcy protection, you are required to seek counseling about your credit from a government-approved counselor within 180 days before you file. You are also required to complete a follow-up debt education course before the court discharges your debts. A Montgomery County bankruptcy lawyer can help you through your entire bankruptcy process.


A Beginner’s Guide to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can shield your personal and business assets from debt collectors. Bankruptcy cannot protect all of your assets, some of them will be used to pay off a portion of your debt. Moreover, bankruptcy will not discharge all of your liabilities (debts).


Bankruptcy Lawyer in Montgomery County – What to Avoid Before Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is complicated. When filing for bankruptcy, you must account for all of your assets, liabilities, expenses and incomes. Many people make mistakes before they file their initial petition. Unfortunately, those mistakes can cause serious problems and even disqualify you from seeking bankruptcy protection. Contacting a bankruptcy lawyer in Montgomery County is always recommended to avoid costly mistakes.


A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Philadelphia Outlines the Intersection of Bankruptcy and Employment

The United States, for the most part, is an “at will” country, meaning that employment is “at will.” Employees are free to quit and employers are free to fire at any time. Keeping this in mind, there are a few exceptions; for example, you cannot get fired based on your race, sex, age, disability or a few other “protected classes.” Each state, including Pennsylvania, can expand on these protected classes.