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Alfred M. Abel, Esq. Appointed As a Master of the Mortgage Foreclosure Conciliation Program

Alfred Abel, Master of the Mortgage Foreclosure Conciliation | Montgomery County Bankruptcy LawyerMontgomery County, Pennsylvania, September 30, 2016 – Alfred Abel, Esq. has been appointed by the Judges of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas as a Master of the Montgomery County Mortgage Foreclosure Conciliation Program.

In this role, Mr. Abel has the authority to preside over all Program proceedings and to facilitate the exchange of documents or modification of loan terms, or another resolution of the foreclosure. When appropriate, the Masters may recommend proposed Orders for review by the Judges who preside over the Program. Individuals are appointed as Masters following a review of their qualifications and serve until resignation or further Order of the Court.

Mortgage Foreclosure Conciliation Program

The Mortgage Foreclosure Conciliation Program was initiated to facilitate resolution between lenders and owners in regards to residential mortgage foreclosure cases and to promote discussion. Program goals include resolving foreclosure cases without the homeowner losing their home, or allowing the foreclosure to proceed if the homeowner is unable to catch up on delinquent mortgages. In cases where the homeowner wants to stay in the house, the approach is to allow the lender and homeowner to come to an agreement on curing a default of the payments.

The Program is administered and presided over by the Judges of the Court, who have determined it necessary to delegate certain aspects of the Program to the authority of court-appointed Masters, in order to continue addressing the large number of cases and to better serve the interests of all involved parties.

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