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3 Factors A Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia Considers When Taking Cases

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When you are going to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, what you want to hear is that you have a great case. However, a lot of factors influence whether a personal injury lawyer will consider your case a strong one. Every case is different, but at the same time, some factors increase the likelihood that a case will be successful for a client.

3 Things A Personal Injury Lawyer Considers When Reviewing Potential Cases

In this post, Alfred Abel Law Offices highlights some of those factors that determine whether a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia is likely to consider your case a strong one.


Make note of any bystanders and provide information to your attorney so that he can interview those individuals. Having others corroborate your version of events will be helpful in making your case successful. The court will want to know anything they can about events leading up to the accident, the conditions at the time, how the accident happened and who the involved parties were.

Severity and Treatment of Injury

Compensation is based on the severity of an injury, including the ongoing effects of the injury, such as loss of work, or continued therapies. To make sure that your attorney can prosecute your case more effectively for you, seek treatment immediately, and keep records of the visit, results, who the doctor was and anything else that is relevant.

Negligent Party

One important thing to remember about personal injury cases is this: Sometimes no one person is really at fault. Accidents happen, sometimes without any actual wrongdoing involved. However, for you to win your case and receive damages, the court must decide that the other party was genuinely negligent. However, if a party has contributed to an injury due to negligence, the lawyer will consider the party’s ability to pay. The cost to pursue a claim may be prohibitive if the other party is unlikely to ever be able to pay compensation.

In addition, if the accident was partly your fault as well, a court’s determination of how much fault could be attributed to the other party is important. This factor is especially important in a state that practices comparative negligence, as Pennsylvania does.

Alfred Abel Law Offices Can Help

If you have been injured in an accident, you should consult with a legal professional immediately so that you can be advised on the actions to take. For some actions, sooner is better. Contact us today to set up a consultation.