Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer: Car accidents Part 4 – Uber or Lyft

Car accident personal injury lawyerRidesharing companies are becoming more abundant and Lyft and Uber currently dominate the market. With just a few taps on your phone, a car will arrive in minutes to take you wherever you need to go. However, Uber and Lyft drivers can have accidents as easily as anyone.  Who is responsible in the event you are injured in a car accident? You may assume that Uber or Lyft are ultimately responsible. However, their liability is heavily dependent on when and how you were injured. In this latest Alfred Abel Law Offices post, we look at the details regarding car accident personal injury and ridesharing.


Personal Injury Series: A Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews the Basics of Bus Accidents

Car accident personal injury lawyer

Public transportation, and especially buses, are crucial modes of transport for millions of people every day. Buses are the cheapest and easiest way that cities can offer public transportation. Unfortunately, buses can be prone to accidents like any other vehicle. A car accident personal injury lawyer from Alfred Abel Law Offices discusses the inherent risks to riding buses, and how unwary victims often suffer severe injuries.


A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Discusses the Effect of Bankruptcy on Your Credit

chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneyBankruptcy is a tool that allows people who are insolvent to seek protection from the court, to assist them in reorganizing their debt and finances. In exchange for the protection and debt reorganization (or forgiveness), bankruptcy may affect your credit which can impair your ability to secure mortgages, favorable interest rates, car loans, and many other debt tools. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney from Alfred Abel Law Offices reviews the effects of bankruptcy and compares those against the benefits offered.


Bankruptcy Lawyers in Philadelphia Offer Tips to Help you Understand and Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy lawyers in PhiladelphiaMany NBA players file for bankruptcy within five years of their professional career ending. What is the cause of this phenomena? Taxes? Fraud? You would be surprised to know that none of those are the primary reasons. Instead, the cause is poor planning and foresight on the part of the players. Players should have spoken to bankruptcy lawyers to sort out their finances before, during, and after their professional career. Take these stories as a cautionary tale; if million-dollar basketball players can be affected by bankruptcy, anyone can. A Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer from Alfred Abel Law Offices provides some tips to understand and avoid bankruptcy.


Personal Injury Series: The Basics of Taxi Cab Accidents and How a Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Car accident personal injury lawyerTaxi cab accidents are a category of personal injury suits. Like car accidents, taxi accidents can involve victims who are both (1) passengers and (2) other motorists. For this second installment, we will discuss taxi passengers and motorists who are struck by taxis, and how a car accident personal injury lawyer can assist.


Do You Need A Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Even If You Are Not At Fault?

Car Accident Personal Injury LawyerIf you have been injured in an automobile accident – even if it was not your fault – a car accident personal injury lawyer is essential in helping you to maximize recovery of compensation for pain and suffering (among other possible damage claims such as emotional distress, loss of earning capacity, and loss of consortium). An attorney will also assist you in obtaining reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses that you may have incurred. A car accident personal injury lawyer will represent your interests in dealing with the various insurance companies involved and, if necessary, will file a timely law suit on your behalf. In that case, the lawyer will help you to determine the monetary value of your damages, the proper parties to the action, and the nature of the claims that you are legally entitled to pursue. These matters can be quite complex and the expert professional assistance provided by a car accident personal injury lawyer can make a significant difference in the ultimate recovery obtained.


Personal Injury lawyer in Montgomery County – Overview of Personal Injury Case Types

car accident personal injury lawyer smashed silver sportscar on the back of a towtruckAccidents happen, and sometimes those accidents can hurt other people or damage their property. As a result, certain rules and laws govern how you can seek recovery for your injuries from a variety of different situations. At Alfred Abel Law Offices, a personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County can help guide you through this complicated legal process. Some common personal injury cases include:


12 Ways to Avoid a Home Foreclosure


Worried about Foreclosure? The Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys at Alfred Abel Law Offices offer 12 tips for avoiding foreclosure. If you are behind on your payments and worried about foreclosure, consider which of these methods might help you.

In 2015, Montgomery County Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Committee registered 1558 foreclosure complaints. Many homeowners are unaware that they have some options for avoiding foreclosure. Relief could be as simple as refinancing, especially if homeowners have managed to keep up with payments. Other avenues of relief include selling the home, either at a price equal to the mortgage debt or as part of an approved short sale; loan modifications; repayment plans or even reverse mortgages for homeowners over 62 years of age. Sometimes bankruptcy is the only way to stop a home foreclosure, and with 30 years of experience, Alfred Abel Law Offices can make the process easier.

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney Alfred Abel has helped hundreds of clients through difficult bankruptcy cases. Though bankruptcy can be complicated, filing bankruptcy can also bring relief from creditor harassment and worry over bills, as well as provide a fresh start, free of overwhelming debt. If you are worried about what will happen to your home after bankruptcy, talk with your bankruptcy lawyer. In most cases, you will be able to keep your home, and in many cases, you may be able to negotiate a more manageable payment plan.

Trust the knowledgeable and skilled Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys of Alfred Abel Law Offices to guide you through bankruptcy. For more information, call 215-517-8300 or visit today!